How to reduce hair fall within 2 weeks?


What is Hair Soul® ?

Hair soul is a hair re-growth dietary supplement which extract from natural. This product can reduce hair fall if you take it continuously for 2 weeks. It can block DHT hormones also which is the main cause in Male Pattern Baldness.

Hair Soul contains 29 natural ingredients to revitalize your hair from inside.

Reduce hair fall Now! You can do it!

New way of hair loss solution

  • Hair Soul can prevent hair loss effectively and no side effect to your health.
  • It can reduce hair fall which cause from Androgenic Alopecia.
  • You can see the result obviously.

Cure from the root cause

  • Revitalize hair follicles and strengthen you hair from inside by 29 nutrients.
  • Stimulate new hair growth.

Finasteride Free 0%

  • No Finasteride added. you can sure this product is safe for your health.


How Hair Soul can solve hair loss problem?

To solve your hair loss problem effectively. Hair soul was designed to has 3 steps of treatment. Step 1: Re-Balance your health to be ready for hair loss treatment e.g. blood circulation. Step 2: Treatment and block root cause of hair loss. Step 3: Stimulate new hair growth. This is a details



– Stimulate blood circulation and bring the important nutrients and vitamins to nourish hair root and hair shaft.

– Reduce DHT production which is the vital hormone causing Androgenic Alopecia hair loss.

– Reduce over production of oil (sebum) from sebaceous gland.



– Antioxidant, this retards the age of hair atrophy and grey hair.

– Strengthen and revive hair root and hair structure.



– Stimulate the process of hair cell division and initiate the hair follicles growth cycle.

– Nourish hair root and hair shaft to be healthy and reduce hair fall, brittle, dry and hair split end.

Natural Ingredients to answer ” How to reduce hair fall “

 It has been 3 year for researching this hair loss solution formula. Hair Soul can help men and women who are facing hair fall and male pattern baldness effectively. This product can take continuously with no side effect to your health. It contains premium 29 nutrients which nourish your hair from within.


Korean Ginseng Extract


1. Korean Ginseng has Anti-Apoptotic which help stimulate new hair, revitalize hair health, and boost your hair growth.

2. Prevent Erectile Dysfunction in male


Reishi Mushroom Extract 


1. Reishi has Anti-Oxidant that can prevent cell deteriorate.

2. Actuate blood circulation. Bring nutrients to repair and strengthen cells. 


Phytosterols From Soy


1. Phytosterols from soy will restrain 5-alpha reductase enzyme from changing Testosterone to be DHT that is a root cause of Androgenic Alopecia. 

2. Phytosterols from soy can boost up your new hair growth.


Cordyceps Powder


1. Prevent cell deteriorate. Delay hair fall stage. Expand hair life cycle.

2. Prevent Erectile Dysfunction in male.

3. Actuate blood circulation. Bring nutrients to repair and strengthen cells.


Zinc ซิงค์ช่วยลดอาการผมร่วง ผมบาง

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate


1.Decrease the number of hair fall.

2.Decrease hair dry

3.Delay white hair




1.Stimulate Growth Hormone

2. Stimulate Protein, Keratin, and Muscle synthetic.

3. Anti hair fall from Androgenic Alopecia and boost up hair growth process




1. Stimulate growth hormone which is the major hormone that help you look yonger. It help anti-aging and also actuate new hair growth.


ฮอร์สเทล-ต้นแส้หางม้า-Horsetail powder

Horsetail Powder


1. Horsetail has Silica which can strengthen bone and hair. Help your hair root and hair stronger.

2. Horsetail has Selenium and Cysteine which can reduce hair fall and actuate new hair growth.


Licorice Powder


1. Licorice has many nutrients inside such as Choline, Protein, Vitamin B complex, Flavonoid, Phytoestrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Amine, and Essential oil that can nourish your hair to be healthy hair.

” Not only nutrients we mentioned above, but also 20 nutrients more that work together to help prevent hair fall and stimulate new hair growth effectively “